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SOLUTIONS Speaking To Your Business Needs


We at MORACORP CONSULTING (PTY)LTD differentiate ourselves from large Service Providers, Outsourcers, and other mid-market players by implementing projects solutions within short time spans with high value, low overhead, and flexible business model which provides maximum value for our customers.


MORACORP CONSULTING(PTY) LTD was conceived in 2007 and was formally registered in 2012 with a view of provision of both advisory as well as IT consulting related services.


MORACORP CONSULTING(PTY)LTD is also a certified  SAP Partner Services Organization focused specifically in providing unparalleled Portfolio / Project Management / Multi Resourcing Scheduling SAP Solutions and Training to our customers. Our value proposition combines our deep implementations, hands-on SAP PPM/PS/MRS/CATS/DATA MIGRATION/Support & Enhancements experience with a flexible business model and an unwavering commitment to success.

  • SAP PPM6.0 - For CAPEX / OPEX / Mantainance And Customer Projects (THREE TIER FRAMEWORK)

  • ​SAP PLM(PS) - For CAPEX/OPEX & Mantainance Projects (SINGLE TIER FRAME WORK)

  • Support And Enhacements

  • Training

  • Advisory

  • Implementation

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